About Sw3dC

Shockwave 3D Converter.
You can convert major 3D File format to Shockwave3D format (*.w3d).

Supported 3D Formats

  • Autodesk *.FBX (2006.11)
  • Wavefront *.OBJ
  • 3D Studio *.3DS
  • Autodesk *.DXF
  • Collada *.DAE
  • Google Earth 4 *.KMZ
  • Google Earth 4 *.KML

Windows Requirement

  • XP or later, Vista

Mac Requirement

  • OS X 10.4 or later


'Sw3dC' is a donation ware.

License: Donation Ware




  • 08/12/18
    - Version 1.0.2
    - fixed several FBX loading bugs.

  • 08/05/23
    - Version 1.0.1
    - fixed error caused by a model that have 0 materials.
    - fixed error caused by a model that have 0 meshes.
    - FBX Material Transparent update
    - FBX Smooth Angle update

  • 08/05/20
    - Version 1.0


  • Double Click Sw3dC icon and Select a 3d file in a dialog.
  • Or Drag&Drop a file to Sw3dC icon.
  • W3D file is created in the same directory.
  • Ther is some properties in user.ini. (\bin\user.ini, .app\Contents\MacOS\user.ini)

About Us

E-CRAFT specializes in the technologies for Virtual Reality and Landscape design. Located in Japan. Our product is a by-product of our VR business. If you have questions before or after placing an order, please contact us at E-Mail Form or info@eee-craft.com.