About awaFile Xtra

Cross Platform FileIO Xtra for 2-byte language.


  • MUI Xtra ( only when not registered )
  • Director 11 (Windows Xtra will works also under 10.)

License and Pricing

awaFile Xtra
Entitles an organization to receive one copy of the licensed Xtra which can only be used by a single developer. A copy of the licensed Xtra includes the Authoring and freely distributable Runtime versions.

Before purchase it, you should test it enough in your project.


You can review, demonstrate and evaluate the Xtras with a Trial version. The Trial Version has full features, no limited. You shall not use the Trial Version for a purpose other than the sole purpose of determining whether to purchase a license.

Order and Delivery

All Xtras are available electronically and are being delivered via e-mail. If you pay by PayPal, we send you your registration code in 1-3 business day. If you have questions before or after placing an order, please contact us at E-Mail Form.


version090401 - 154 KB (157,738 byte)
This download contains the Universal Binary for Intel Mac and the Windows Xtra.

Function List

  • new, forget -- open and close file.
  • useUTF8, readLine, writeLine, readCSVLine,writeCSVLine -- text functions.
  • readBin, writeBin -- binary functions.
  • tell, seek, EOF -- pointer functions
  • +register
  • +encodingIsUTF8, +readFile, +writeFile, +appendFile -- Text File functions.


  • 090401(09/04/01)
    - first release.